Though marketing means something different to everyone, in the end marketing is promoting a product or service. We offer marketing and branding services that include, but are not limited to, image and perceptual design (logos, taglines, etc.), identity realization, collateral materials, digital marketing plans, and advising and costing of media buying. Public relations is also an essential part of our marketing practice, because it is essential to the product or service’s success to keep all messaging consistent, on target, and intact. For this reason, we are a full-service agency.

Public relations is our foundation. It is at the heart of everything we do and is the quickest, most plausible, most economical way of receiving recognition, and essentially credibility. Our communications approach is strategic, persistent, authentic, and proven. Strong PR programs are built around how effectively and how consistently messages are distributed. We have a deep understanding of the news media and the media outlets that should be targeted for a client’s specific audience. Our team works from a strongly disciplined business perspective--- every project is purposefully planned to meet a specific end result. Budgets are made and kept. Whether it's strategic planning, event development, media relations, composition of press releases, newsletters or company branding materials, our experience- and knowledge-ensure our clients the best opportunities and most meaningful coverage.

Events are a meaningful and economical marketing practice when devised correctly. Events create BUZZ and excitement, build morale, and relationships. Events position companies as industry leaders and gain recognition, especially through social media. Events are planned tactically and serve to inform and communicate specific company objectives to the public and/or news media. All events are tied directly into company objectives.

From a 10’ x 10’ temporary space to a 50,000 sq.-ft. showroom, our design team is top-notch at creating beautiful, captivating, on-brand spaces. We understand that every company’s brand is their own, and that companies understand, too, their client’s needs and expectations. It’s design yet it’s also a business model. The customer’s first impression and experiences during a show can make or break the sale. Our team takes the time to first listen. We then within budget and by deadline implement your company’s initiatives and persona in a space that speaks your language, engages customers, and feels right to your brand. Budgets are respected and kept. Rates are generally 20-30% less than other design firms.